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Two School Terms, Two New Students

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

​Meg Dibb-Fuller, NHSBSA (Guest Blog)


Earlier this year we partnered with globalbridge, a unique digital platform which allows young people to showcase their talents to educational institutions and industry. Thanks to this initiative, two great new students have joined our technology team; Sam Mills and Kieren Forrest. Both of them attend Studio West, a Studio School based in Newcastle and will be working with us for two days a week, over two school terms.

Have you heard of a ‘Studio School’? If not, it’s probably because it is a new concept in education. The schools are government funded and aim to address the growing gap between the skills and knowledge that young people require to succeed. And this is where we have come in. Members of our technology team have volunteered to be the students’ mentors; showing their commitment to help them develop the skills they need to flourish in life. It’s a pleasure to see our teams getting the chance to give something back into the student community!

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Sam and Kieren.

Hi I'm Sam...

So Sam, describe your first day in three words.

“Exciting, challenging, involved.”

What task have you been given to work on?

“I am helping to develop a table booking system. Employees at the NHSBSA hot desk which means they don’t have an allocated seat. This app will allow the team to book seats and desks so that they can make more efficient use of space in the office. Very cool as it’s the first time they have this.”

What did you get up to in your first week?

“I have been taught about the agile and waterfall product development methodologies – the practice, not the theory. I also began gathering requirements from the team (what people want from the app).”

Has anything surprised you?

“The environment is very familiar. It’s friendly and open, similar to other placements I’ve done. But what’s different is that the NHSBSA are much more open to teaching and allowing me to practically apply what I’ve learnt.”

What do you think of the canteen?

“I’m impressed. It has a variety of meals and lots of spaces and places to sit.”

Anything else you’d like to share?

“I’m excited to be here, and would like to thank Sam McLoughlin, business engagement manager at Studio West for making it happen for me!”


Hi, I'm Kieren...

Hi Kieren. So, how did you hear about the NHSBSA?

“Sam McLoughlin, our schools’ business engagement manager was asking me about what work placements would be of interest. I was attracted to the NHSBSA the most because it allowed me to learn real skills that I’m passionate about. This is also going to be something new for me as I have never been involved in this area of work before!”

Describe your first day in three words.

“Introductive, opportunistic, eye-opening.”

What did you get up to in your first week?

“The first day was a general introduction to what we were going to be doing over the coming weeks. I’m working with Sam and others to develop the table booking system app.

“It’s been fun so far and I feel like I’ve seen the ‘ins and outs’ of how a business actually works.”

Has anything surprised you?

“The working environment is pretty similar to other work placements I have been on, from furniture to the people. Not everything is the same, but there are similarities. Plus everyone has been very welcoming and warm hearted to us. Thank you!”

If you could pick a song to sum up your experience so far, what would it be?

“Haha, probably ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the Bee Gees.”


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