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"In the world of work post COVID, connectivity to young people looking to find pathways into employment will be key and globalbridge have a solution ready to go for this."

- Lindi Teate, The NBS

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globalbridge is a tool by which employers can discover their future workforce, connecting with students in a secure, trusted environment built by experienced educationalists.

We developed globalbridge to allow our students to showcase their full range of skills, talents, aspirations and achievements, and to connect with real opportunities in education, training and employment. celebrate talents, build self esteem, and remove many of barriers that prevent young people from fulfilling their potential.

Our platform facilitates engagement between industry, schools and students, allowing you to present opportunities to talented young people from every background, and find your future workforce.

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future talent 

Industry has struggled to access schools and talent, even with the Baker Clause in place, there is a disparity in connectivity and good practice. Reaching students and widening participation is difficult with the sheer number of education establishments across the UK, especially for businesses with small budgets. 


Businesses need to be able to attract, inform and retain talent at the correct stage in a young person’s development just as much as young people need earlier and richer engagements with business.


With the globalbridge platform, providers in industry can connect their opportunities directly with young people, based on the skills, talents, aspirations and qualifications they have identified on their profile, and engage students at the right time. Enabling more digital encounters will be vital in a post-COVID world.

Supercharge your recruitment efforts, connect with your future workforce and engage with young people and education in a meaningful, cost-effective and modern way.

how globalbridge works

Register as a provider on the globalbridge platform to showcase your opportunities to thousands of engaged students who are currently making choices for GCSE and A-Level subjects.


With globalbridge, you can connect with your future hires at the right time in their career pathways, building awareness, affinity and a strong network of future talent. 

We match students to your opportunities based on their skills, talents and qualifications, as well as a culture fit, enabling you to access a highly relevant and well-aligned talent pool of young people. 

Providers are then able to select students who have a high potential fit and invite them for assessment, interview or internship. 

Providers are also invited to take part in our annual careers and education pathways event, #GBFutureStars, where your organisation can engage and interact with a wealth of talented young people.


Provide resources, workshops and information to help prepare your future applicants and accelerate their interest and affinity for your organisation.

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If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help you to meet your goals and connect to a network of opportunity, don't hesitate to reach out to us via the button below. Book a demo to see our platform in action, or just to chat more about what globalbridge can offer. We're looking forward to hearing from you.



“The globalbridge platform allows me to show employers what I am capable of, rather than just telling them in words.”


—  globalbridge student user

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