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Embracing the Digital Age: Is it time to say goodbye to careers fairs and paper CVs?

Updated: 5 days ago

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The pandemic has changed the way we do things in many aspects of our work and life; online meetings, remote working, home education, virtual work experience, online shopping to name but a few. At globalbridge, we are a remote first company, with no office or physical meeting space. We operate effectively and successfully working remotely from home. We deal with our clients via Google meet, Zoom or Teams and use cloud based collaborative software to ensure all projects and work flows are kept up to date and completed. Life is moving more and more towards digital and many people seem to like it.

At globalbridge we connect schools, colleges, universities, businesses and apprenticeship providers, creating a digital ecosystem where everyone can engage with the right people to make sure they progress to the right place with the right experience and opportunity. As well as allowing young people a space to build a digital learner profile to showcase their talents, skills, knowledge and achievements, we have also hosted a number of digital careers and progression webinars or ‘Digital Engagements’ as part of our ‘Bridge the Gap Series’ where industry experts come together to talk about their roles and their industry to give young people lots of information and inspiration. Careers teams in schools spend endless hours trawling websites for jobs and apprenticeships, for college and university courses, and with college and university careers staff spending hours travelling to careers events up and down the country, something just doesn’t seem to add up. Why are so many people spending so much time and money attending events that ultimately may not allow them to achieve anything! This can’t be right and is something that needs to change.

Globalbridge is not only a digital learner profile for young people to evidence their skills, talents and achievements, but also a platform for young people to engage with industry to inform and inspire them about future pathways. It allows schools and colleges to get their students involved in virtual events, attend keynote speaker sessions, interact with key industry contacts and engage in online activities, even having the chance to win prizes… and I don’t mean just another free pen!

For our University and Business partners, they can have access at the click of a button to thousands of young people. They can start to engage through mediums with which young people are totally comfortable and familiar. At last count we had just over seventy thousand profiles on the platform. At one of our Digital Engagements we had six thousand sign ups for one event. Which open day or careers fair in a sports hall would you ever be able to engage with that amount of young people at once?

The world is far more virtual now. Young people expect to get mobile notifications, interact through online messaging systems, click on videos and engage in online activities. Should they be shuffling into the school or college sports hall, walking around tables and collecting free stuff and not really talking to anybody? Should they be preparing a paper based CV with a load of one dimensional bullet points? Or is it time to supercharge their potential futures and embrace the digital age? At globalbridge we think it is! Come and join us and you won’t look back.



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