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A unique perspective of Generation ‘Z’

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My name is Sam Hayward, I am a marketing student working for globalbridge whilst studying abroad in Canada, and I am a member of Generation Z.

We are a fairly young generation, and are a little odd to place. Initially considered an extension of Millenials, Generation ‘Z’, my generation, is defined as those who are born between the mid 90’s through to 2010 [1]. The boundary between Gen Z and Millenials has become increasingly clear, Millenials are now defined as starting in 1980 and ending firmly in 1995. I was born in 1998. I believe this offers a very unique perspective, that may just be worth hearing.

Too young to qualify as a Millenial and too old to strongly associate to ‘Generation Z’. Where does this leave me and others my age?

Gen Z is the next stage in the workforce, and is beginning to make up the bulk of graduate applicants that recruiters, business owners and apprenticeship programs will be looking to for filling entry level roles. I believe there are lessons employers can learn from this young generation, and teachings my generation can learn from those before us.

Generation Z is environmentally conscious, highly tech savvy, and according to Bloomberg, will comprise 32% of the total world population this year [2]. As a result, it is vital that businesses are preparing to accommodate and understand their new employees, and are able to optimise the working environment to attract young talent.

“91% of Gen Z say technology would influence job choice among similar employment offers” (Dell [3])

For example, one of the clearest expectations of Gen Z is technological capability. According to Dell, 91% say technology would influence job choice among similar employment offers [4]. The expectation that businesses are ready to provide high quality digital infrastructure, options for virtual conferencing and remote working, as well as rock-solid data security is increasingly evident, and could play a significant role in attracting talent.

Another crucial focus is Generation Z’s passion for sustainable practice, CSR, and commitments to environmentalism.

“72% of Gen Z would spend more money on a service if it was sustainably produced” (Fashion United [5])

One only has to look to Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old climate change activist to see how impassioned the next generation is with protecting the environment and limiting global ecological impact. The same is true within the workplace, Gen Z’ers expect high level commitments to sustainability and stewardship to safeguard impacts to stakeholders.

employing gen z

Yet while this generation appears to both offer and demand more from employers, some research emphasises their ambition and potential needs to be nurtured.

“Only 19% of 15 to 17 year-olds in 2018 were reported to be working during the previous calendar year, compared with 30% of Millennials in the same age group in 2002” (Wharton [6])

Young people are dependent on innovative platforms like globalbridge to help them connect with employers and discover opportunities. This also provides recruiters a network of pathways from which to seek out highly motivated and skilled young talent, regardless of the potential barriers of background or social environment.

With increased accessibility to opportunity, I believe the future for Gen Z is very bright indeed, and I eagerly look forward to being part of a successful, multi-generational workplace in the very near future.

Sam Hayward, marketing @ globalbridge


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