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globalbridge - a structured solution for apprenticeships

Ben Mason: founder and CEO of globalbridge

apprenticeship solutions

​​In the next few years, all employers are going to struggle increasingly with the challenges of an ageing work force, skills shortages in key areas, and gaining efficiencies through increased productivity. Many employers, both in the public and private sectors, find the apprenticeship levy difficult to navigate and inflexible, lacking a clear pathway to source apprentices and provide appropriate training.


While the levy will raise over £1b, less than 20% of the fund has been utilised, according to the Government’s own figures. Despite this, a survey in 2015 showed that over 44% of the 5 million employers in the UK wanted to hire an apprentice in the next 5 years. Similarly, education providers are also struggling with input in a number of key areas, such as:limited knowledge of how the apprentice pathway works, leading to variable interest.lack of resources to deliver on the mandated targets.gaining a clear understanding of the skills that employers need for the future work force. However, this is against a backdrop of clear benefits associated with an effective apprenticeship pathway. According to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, where apprentices were receiving a higher level of qualification there was a direct correlation with career opportunity, productivity and wages, and employers were seeing benefits in term of retention, service and productivity.over 80% of apprentices stated that their career prospects had improved.Higher apprentices could earn an average of £150,000 more over their lifetime.70% of employers stated that apprenticeships improved productivity and service levels. The costs of training were totally recouped within a couple of years, and at level 2 and 3 apprentices were providing a return of over £25 for every £1 invested in their training.


“Apprenticeships can offer an extraordinary ladder of opportunity for young people to get the skills, training and jobs they need to ensure security and prosperity for their future.” ​Robert Halfon, MP


For schools and colleges, and most importantly, students, there is lack of clarity over when and where apprenticeships are available, other than with bigger providers. Students are required to check almost on a daily basis the apprenticeship websites to see if opportunities have been posted. This is an inefficient use of time, creating uncertainly. There has to be an easy solution. 


“Ministers have been told they have a mountain to climb to improve the apprenticeship system after the annual number of new starters in England fell by a quarter.” The Times, October 26, 2018


There clearly remains a major disconnect between schools, further and higher education and employers.

globalbridge is delighted to be working in partnership with local authorities, schools, colleges and universities and a diverse range of national and local employers to establish a clear apprenticeship pathway. 

globalbridge provides a unique, safe and secure, digitised platform to enable a connection or bridge for students, colleges and universities and employers.


“A system similar to that used by Universities should be introduced for technical education, further education and apprenticeships to spread course information and make applying easier, say MPs” The Times, October 8, 2016


The first forum to introduce such a pathway was held on the 21st November, in conjunction with the NHS Business Services Authority, with a number of keynote speakers to launch the initiative including:

Alistair McDonald- Chief Executive NHS Business Services Authority.

Kirste Worland - Head of Technology Applications.

Sam McLoughlin– Studio West School Business Engagement Manager. Studio West School student & NHSBSA Student Placement.

Ben Brownlee - myglobalbridge

Ben Mason– Founder & CEO myglobalbridge.


To learn more about the Apprenticeship Pathway in your region, please contact:

Ben Mason, Founder and CEO, myglobalbridge


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