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“Northumberland County Council are excited to be working with globalbridge to not only connect all our young people with apprenticeship opportunities across the county, but to attract talent to the region. Providing both the network, and a digital CV, globalbridge will be a one stop shop for our young people to connect with their future in education, employment and training.”


- Audrey Kingham, Director, Education & Skills, Northumberland County Council

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Young people have limited opportunity to effectively showcase and evidence their skills, talents and qualifications in the digital arena.  With exams being suspended this summer due to COVID, a key shortcoming has been exposed in the system.  More than ever it is crucial to provide a new and appropriate way to showcase talent, rather than merely grades on a piece of paper.


As teachers frustrated at the lack of depth in the UCAS system, we created globalbridge -  an Edtech platform built to help connect talented young people with opportunity after school, by connecting them with your institution.


We create a safe space for students to showcase their talents digitally giving young people sufficient opportunity to show their broader skill sets, providing them with  a route through to employment.


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The globalbridge platform can help you to target talented students based on the profile they create, whether that’s their geographical location, level of academic attainment, extracurricular interests, or special skills and talents. We help young people of every background can climb the ladder of opportunity, helping your institution to raise aspirations and widen participation. 

With members schools all across the country we can help elevate your access to talented young people, ensuring a diverse and rich pool of applicants who are excited by the opportunities offered at your institution.

We celebrate talents, build self esteem, connect students with real opportunities and remove many of the barriers that prevent young people from fulfilling their potential.

how globalbridge works

Register as a University on the globalbridge platform to ensure your institution has access to a diverse and talented pool of applicants.


Our platform is built with safety and security in mind, creating a digital safe space which teachers can monitor, helping them to create a digital record of their achievement that lasts a lifetime. 

We match students to opportunities based on their skills, talents and qualifications, as well as a culture fit, enabling young people of every background to access information and opportunities from top employers.

globalbridge is devoted to widening participation and helping students of every background climb the ladder of opportunity.

Engage your future applicants at the right time in their education pathways, as they are making subject choices and are researching the possibilities for their future. 

Be part of #GBFutureStars, a digital event with hundreds of schools, enabling you to share virtual open days, applications information and resources for your prospective applicants.

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If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help you to meet your goals and connect to a network of opportunity, don't hesitate to reach out to us via the button below. Book a demo to see our platform in action, or just to chat more about what globalbridge can offer. We're looking forward to hearing from you.



“The globalbridge platform allows me to show employers what I am capable of, rather than just telling them in words.”


—  globalbridge student user

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