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globalbridge is platform that connects universities to talented young people from every background. Reach more local students in education and access a broader pool of talent, across the UK. 


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Target talented students based on geographical location, level of academic attainment, extracurricular interests, or special skills and talents. We ensure young people of every background can climb the ladder of opportunity.

With members schools all across the country we can help elevate your access to talented young people, ensuring a diverse and rich pool of applicants who are excited by the opportunities offered at your institution.

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We match students to your opportunities based on their skills, talents and qualifications, as well as a culture fit, enabling you to access a highly relevant and well-aligned talent pool of young people. 

Providers are then able to build affinity with young people who have a high potential fit, and deliver rich engagements to prepare them for assessment, interview or internship. 

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Allowing young people of every background to climb the ladder of opportunity, wherever they wish to apply. 

Digitally safe and secure


globalbridge is a closed network, fulfilling stringent privacy, data security and safeguarding requirements

A lifetime record of achievement

globalbridge profiles last a life-time, staying with a young person throughout their entire education and career journey.

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We match students to your institution based on their skills, talents and qualifications, as well as a culture fit, enabling you to access a highly relevant and well-aligned talent pool of young people. 

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Your provider page can deliver a wealth of information to prospective talent. Share rich-media content to inform, attract and nurture your audience of talented young people.

Tell globalbridge users why your university is right for them, as well as providing links to your resources, application pages or industry-relevant information. 


Register as a provider on the globalbridge platform.


Create a page and post your opportunities to thousands of talented  young people.


Go a step beyond building awareness and get future talent truly excited about your university.


Provide enhanced engagement via mylearnlab and access insights and data about your posts.


Take your engagement to the highest level with advanced targeting criteria and a three step engagement plan. 


Transform the education pathways of young people from every background with exclusive access to our best event, #gbfuturestars.


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We'd love to give you more information about how we can help you to meet your goals and connect to a network of opportunity. Reach out to us via the button below -you can book a demo to see our platform in action, or chat more about what globalbridge can offer. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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“Northumberland County Council are excited to be working with globalbridge to not only connect all our young people with apprenticeship opportunities across the county, but to attract talent to the region. Providing both the network, and a digital CV, globalbridge will be a one stop shop for our young people to connect with their future in education, employment and training.”


- Audrey Kingham, Director, Education & Skills, Northumberland County Council

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Watch the video to see how the globalbridge platform seamlessly connects schools and future talent with your business. 

With globalbridge you can show case your opportunities to a network of talent in education. Don't just take it form us - find out what people say with the button below: 

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