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Global Bridge is built by teachers with first-hand experience of the challenges you and your school/college faces in connecting students with employers to meet Gatsby/career guidance requirements.


We wanted to develop a platform that allowed our students to showcase their full range of skills, talents, aspirations and achievements; we know that every young person is different and we had to show that young people were more than a list of grades.


Global Bridge promotes fairness, respect and a level playing field of opportunity for students from every background, ensuring students’ talents and abilities are recognised, regardless of circumstance.

We celebrate talents, build self esteem, connect students with real opportunities and remove many of the barriers that prevent young people from fulfilling their potential.

The benefits of globalbridge

All students can create media-rich online profiles that evidence their skills, experiences and achievements.


Profiles are for life!

Profiles can be shared with employers, colleges and universities (even on UCAS forms), offering a major advantage in applications

A user-friendly, intuitive platform that can be accessed on all devices, anywhere.

Assign students to staff managers who can monitor and influence their student's progress.

Provide teachers with a searchable list of opportunities to help with student guidance.

Develop the teacher-student relationship.

Full transparency. Staff managers are automatically copied into all communications.

Provide evidence for ALL 8 Gatsby Benchmarks

Monitor and gather Alumni data

Exclusive employer engagements for your students

A detailed Scheme of Work and Lesson Resources to help incorporate globalbridge into a curriculum.

Revolutionise the reporting process and develop parental involvement - show parents the work your students produce!





Users are matched to relevant opportunities based on their skills and achievements; they are exposed to pathways they may have never considered.

Users are notified of relevant opportunities.

Users can search for opportunities on globalbridge.

Schools can promote their own opportunities on the platform too!

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