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we are globalbridge

Founded by CEO Ben Mason and launched in 2017, globalbridge was built by teachers who were dissatisfied with the current system and opportunities for evidencing talent faced by young people.

Ben’s journey is one that has taken him from the classroom to the boardroom and into the corridors of Westminster. Motivated by faith, family and frustration with failing policies, Ben is driven by a passion to see all young people with a level playing field where their talents are valued, encouraged, with opportunities to thrive, and to make globalbridge a lasting and impactful solution for up and coming generations.

meet ben mason

“I’m an educationalist at heart. One of the platform’s big USPs is that it has been built by teachers and not by policy makers - to improve the way young people showcase their talents and connect with their future”.

globalbridge started as an idea in 2012. Having taught in both state and independent sectors of education for over 16 years, Ben saw first hand the opportunities, and doors that were open to some students and not others. Whether this was due to family connections, a supportive member of staff, or a school link with universities and businesses, the issues were evident in both sectors of education. Successfully connecting to opportunities is often reliant upon personalities and significant individuals in a young person’s life, rather than a system that creates equality for all to succeed and encourages widening participation.

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dreaming big

In 2016, Ben left teaching, with three of his own children under the age of ten still in education, to pursue a dream. 


“The world of business is clearly completely different to education. The journey requires you to quickly learn to apply a new trade, new skills, refocus, pitching for business & investment, understand share structures and sales processes… I can’t even get started! It’s been a huge journey; probably too great to describe, or to pin down to one example. It's been a true lesson in perseverance.”

Eighteen months later, having been a one man band with a supporting wife, and a very loyal dog, we began to build out the team.

building grit

Now in 2021, growth has accelerated 10 fold and we are engaging with hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of young people across the UK, our start up journey is already scaling.

Ben’s passion and inspiration are core. Inspired by his personal journey, he has created a brilliant concept. Driven by his passions as a teacher, educator and problem-solver, Ben seeks to see his concept of a world where young people of every background are given the opportunity they deserve is realised to its fullest extent. He has embarked on the journey of a lifetime.


globalbridge is becoming the game-changing success it was made to be and continues to grow at an incredible rate.


Founder & CEO

meet the team

Co-Founder & Customer Success Lead 


airlie mason

ben mason

catherine young

Schools & Employer Engagements

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robert kendal

Education Partnerships & Curriculum Lead

ben brownlee


harry james

Education Engagement 

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We are


We believe that ​opportunity should be available to talented young people from every background.

We are experts

in opportunity


We understand the struggles education and industry face in connecting to talent, and provide an instant solution.

We are

parents​ and teachers


globalbridge is built by teachers and parents. We have worked in education and prioritise safety and security. 

globalbridge serves to provide schools, universities, businesses and students with a unique platform for engagement, delivering opportunity for students, success for businesses and satisfaction for educationalists.
As of 2021, globalbridge is helping tens of thousands of students to find their future, and together we can #BridgeTheGap