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Ivy House are on the hunt for The Future Leaders of the Year - students aged 15-18 with a great story.


Run by industry experts, this is a life-changing leadership competition providing an incredible opportunity to be seen, heard and developed by some of the biggest brands, influencers and best executive coaches in the world. This is about supporting you to step up and become the leader of your life, providing a platform for you to celebrate your achievements and showcase your leadership story - and win a host of life-changing prizes.


But this isn’t your standard leadership competition exclusively for the most confident speakers, the top academic achievers or team captains... this is for everyone.


This is a competition looking for leaders of all kinds – creatives, problem solvers, scientists and musicians. People who have led brilliant teams, projects or initiatives. Entrepreneurs with great ideas. People who’ve led themselves out of difficult situations or overcome challenges. People who have supported their family or local community. People who’ve done something they’re proud of or have big plans for the future.

The 5 winning students will gain access to ongoing investment, support and development to create their extraordinary lives, including:


1k cash - Work experience - 1:1 mentor and career support - Ongoing learning content - Support from some of the most senior leadership coaches in the country - Access to an incredible network of young leaders from a range of organisations including Nike, Deloitte, Google and many more!

The top 20 students will be selected as ‘ones to watch’ and invited to participate in the grand final. This will run as a day-long virtual workshop, giving the top 20 students an incredible opportunity to be seen, heard and developed by some of the top leadership and life coaches in the country and an incredible team of influencers and leaders from some of the biggest brands and organisations in the world. The day will be split into 3 parts:

- A leadership development workshop

- A pitchfest event

- An awards ceremony where the top 5 will be crowned ‘The Future Leaders of the Year’.

There are also prizes for every participant including a digital badge and certificate for your personal statement and CV, as well as a globalbridge learner profile just for entering.

There are four core qualities that every leader has:

Passion - ability to tell a great story and inspire others

100% ownership - accountability, decision making and finding solutions

Courageous learner - self-awareness and learning from every experience

Core strength - clarity of vision and aligning to a purpose


We will be looking for these qualities in your video submission, so think about how you can showcase these! 

Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 14.20.12.png


Submit a 2-minute video sharing your leadership story and answering the following questions…

  • Tell us your story (this could be a time when you’ve led yourself or others).

  • In the context of that story – what are you most proud of and why?

  • If you were in that situation again, what might you do differently? What did you learn?

Be bold, get excited and show your passion!

This year's submissions will be made through globalbridge, meaning every participant will be given their own learner profile and a secure place to upload their 2 minute pitch video. Let's get started!

1. Hit the green button below

2. Submit your details and your pitch video

3. Check your inbox and click the login link in your welcome email to verify 


 We have now closed for entries! 

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