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Connect talent to opportunity & communities - to support young people with a pathway to their future


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Global Bridge is built by teachers with first-hand experience of the challenges you and your college or university faces in connecting students with employers, to meet Gatsby/career guidance requirements.


We promote fairness, respect and a level playing field of opportunity for students from every background, ensuring students’ talents and abilities are recognised, regardless of circumstance.

Our platform connects schools with higher education, students with universities and talent with opportunity, giving your institution a head start on engagement with its future student cohorts.

Supercharge your applications efforts, connect with your future students and provide your current students with a real advantage for their progression.

globalbridge is

built for colleges & uni

globalbridge allows colleges and universities to connect with future applicants and present themselves to students a unique way.


Showcase video and digital content, engage via webinars and invite students to visit your campus, opening the door to your future applicants.


Connect with the brightest and most engaged students from every background, in a safe, secure digital environment. 

Learn how we can help you by watching our infographic video and finding out more below:

The benefits of globalbridge

All students can create media-rich online profiles that evidence their skills, experiences and ac

All students can create media-rich online profiles that evidence their skills, experiences and achievements.


Profiles are for life!

Profiles can be shared with employers, colleges and universities (even on UCAS forms), offering a major advantage in applications

A user-friendly, intuitive platform that can be accessed on all devices, anywhere.

Our users are matched to - and notified of - relevant opportunities based on their skills and achievements; they are exposed to pathways they may have never considered.

Get your institution in front of the right people - we use intelligent filters to ensure your opportunities are connected to your target groups.  

Users can also search for opportunities on globalbridge. You can promote your institution through your own globalbridge profile, and users can communicate directly with you.

Supercharge your recruitment efforts. Work with globalbridge to get your messages out to schools and students to pathway individuals into your institution.

Save time, money and resources by connecting digitally to our network of users.

Increase your impact. globalbridge ​ensures that you engage effectively with education and young people, and don't have to rely on low-impact methods such as careers fairs. 

Enhance your careers, progression and pastoral programmes​ using our globalbridge scheme of work and lesson plans.

Monitor and gather Alumni data

Exclusive employer engagements for your students


Build your employer engagement network

Revolutionise the reporting progress - show parents the work your students produce!

Evidence all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks





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